Milan, 11th of November 2019

OCMI OTG S.p.A. announces today the successful completion of the acquisition of KYP Accesorios a Spanish company active in the field of automatic production lines for ampoules.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in both companies’ growth strategy. By joining forces both OCMI OTG and KYP wish to deliver to their customers a wider range of products, a better service and a constant investment in R&D.

“This acquisition expands OCMI OTG’s portfolio of successful businesses and mark another OCMI investment in the pharma packaging field. KYP is an excellent company with a remarkable story of innovation and dedication to the customers” – Michele Gusti Chairman of OCMI OTG S.p.A, affirmed – “Through this operation OCMI OTG reinforce and consolidate its market share in the ampoule making machines sector, widen its current range of products and increase its production capacity adding a great team strengthens its manufacturing footprint adding more technological capabilities”.

“We are proud to become a part of this international and customer-oriented group like OCMI OTG”

Mr. Raul Paz, KYP Accesorios’s owner commented: “With this deal KYP add another step on its path to continuous growth and innovation and broadens its future horizons. It is a project I strongly believe in, and I am honored to join OCMI Global management Team”

Dear Customer, suppliers, employees, partners
We wish to confirm that all our factories across the world (Milan, Paris, Madrid & Ahmedabad) and our office in Shanghai are fully operational.
We are following all the rules and procedures provided by the local government to guarantee the health and safety of all our employees and their families
Our office staff is equipped to work remotely and is at your disposal for further information.

Estimado cliente, proveedores, empleados, socios

Deseamos confirmar que todas nuestras fábricas en todo el mundo (Milán, París, Madrid y Ahmedabad) y nuestra oficina en Shanghai están en pleno funcionamiento.

Estamos siguiendo todas las reglas y procedimientos provistos por el gobierno local para garantizar la salud y seguridad de todos nuestros empleados y sus familias.

Nuestro personal de oficina está equipado para trabajar de forma remota y está a su disposición para obtener más información.

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Automatic Packing

Additional Options

The Hot End control system, in addition to giving you all the information about the measures and tolerances of each ampoule, provide you an automatic management of 3 automatic burner holders, that receive constant information from the vision camera, reducing to the maximum the rejections and improving your production.
The ROTA allows you to make Closed Ampoules, Form D. KYP has an Industrial Cooler for the factories that need it due to their location.
Cut off and glazing consist on making a cut to the ampoule at the height of the spike, through the scoring, and the glazing soften the cut on the ampoule.
The Color Break puts a ring on the neck of the ampoule and serves to break the ampoule. The line can install up to 4 rings for codification, or 1 break ring and three coding rings. If you do not have space on the line, you can install 2 Color Break above and 2 below.
Color Break Above performs the same functions as the Color Standard but in this case, the ring is deposited by the upper part of the ampoule.
The OPC places a point to indicate where the break cut is made for easy opening of the ampoule. A camera allows us to control the presence of the point and the cut. In case one of the 2 is not the blister is rejected. Put a photo of the control screen.
The KYP printing system allows the best completion of your ampoules, in addition to the maximum speed, thanks to a hydraulic system, which can perform the printing in one or two directions, this parameter being an easily changeable option by the operator of the machine through a touch screen.
Pre-drying fix the OPC point and printing before entering to the lehr (oven), evaporating the solvents.
The KYPEYE vision controls all the work done on the line: Color break presence and quality, whether they are closed or not, OPC presence of the point and cut, presence control and print quality, as well as cosmetic defects in case of no printing.
The packaging calibration allows you to select in which trays you will put the ampoules, the largest in one and the smallest in another for example. It also controls if the ampoules are in the range. You can package any type of container in any type of box. It can be installed in any packaging line. On your digital screen you will have all the data you may need, as ampoule produced, which you have to produce, boxes produced, measures of the ampoule and the box, production hours, etc …

Distribution in close to 50 countries in the 5 continents