The automatic packing installable in any line that improves quality and productivity without any mark on the ampoules.

  • Inverse orientation.

  • Different types of access for differet users.

  • 3D screen in different colours.

  • It shows the number of ampoules in each box and if they’re full.

  • No time limit, it’s decided by your line of production.

  • Visual signal when the box is full.

  • Acoustic signal when rotating the table of a full box to the next empty box.

  • Automatic detention if there is no box.

  • Customize the configuration depending on:

    • Size of the box
    • Size of the ampuole
    • Type of distribution of the ampoules in the boxes
  • Memory of recipes to save time in production.

If the six boxes are full and are not withdrawed the system warns automatically and goes back to packing the old trays. This way the production is not stopped.