The rotary machine with the highest productivity on the sector. The MA30 has the capacity to produce up to 6.000 ampoules per hour.

  • New type of cone chucks.

  • Aluminum pins.

  • Central oiler.

  • Safety on the upcoming rails.

  • Special plastic sprockets (less noise, do not wear down the central crown, and serve as a fuse in case of accident).

  • Electronic cabinet with tactile screen to manage the machine.

  • Digital screen for speed control of the machine, stalls and maintenance:

    • Speed control of the machine
    • When switching from maintenance mode to production mode the machine automatically regulates the speed

  • The machine has an emergency safety cable that can stop the machine instantly with the help of a brake added to the engine to avoid breaking the central crown.

The C. P. loader has 240 tubes ready to be automatically loaded, 8 tubes per stall. Before the tube reaches the final position, antoher one is prepared to be loaded, so there’s never a gap in the line, increasing production.

  • Scratchs
  • Finger prints on the tubes
  • Broken glasses
  • The work of the manual load of the tube
  • 100% automatic, doesn’t need attention and it’s easy to use


  • The first bottom allows to save a ampoule from time to time when loading the tube for ampoules of 1 to 3 ml.


  • The first bottom of the first ampoule is different from the others, since it is made in another point of the machine.

  • 6 or 7 burners of the 13 heating are used. So making ampoules greater than 3 ml. will have a decrease in the speed of production.

The well-known use of the chuck, as a system to hold the ampoule in its displacement by the forming machine, is represented in KYP with its maximum expression. Since it is equipped with a self-centering mechanism, which allows us the maximum efficiency, the highest precision and the maximum speed when producing ampoules.

KYP’s motorization is made in Europe, so it meets the highest standards.